Dazzle Me Makeup Products Try On ft 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

Dazzle Me Makeup Products Try On ft 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

One unsuspecting day, Dazzle Me sent a message on my Instagram asking if they could send me some of their makeup product to try.  Having not bought any makeup product in awhile, yeah , I just like receiving them not buying because I only have one face and having one too many makeup is something impractical for me,

Wearing makeup is just an option for me since the pandemic I am at home all the time.  Nobody can see me anyway and all the filters on social media apps just makes me to lazy to do an hour of makeup just to look presentable on social media.  Yeah I know lazy.

Anyway, I have given away most of my makeup and I have not bought anything new since.  I am mostly at home and well blessed with beautiful skin (ganern) hahahaha.

Kidding aside, of course any girl / woman would want new makeup especially free. So I said yes and Dazzle me was the first brand to sent me new stuff in my new condo (story for later).

24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

I always thought it is our weather but my lips have always been dry and choppy. It started when I started loving and wearing matte lipstick from another brand.  Sometimes my lips crack it hurts. I even bite and eat my own lips and skin. Yeah yeah.

When I saw the 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum in the package I was excited to try it immediately.  Finally, relief for my stressed lips.

This lip serum product is a multi-purpose lip topper and treatment that conditions lips, brightens lip color, and reduces the appearance of lip lines while providing lasting moisture.

I love how it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and I felt an instant relief on my dried lips.  You can wear it as is or like they said lip tint or lipstick topper.  It’s sold at Php149 only.

Here is my video unboxing, swatching, and trying on the products Dazzle Me sent me:


In the video are the other Dazzle Me makeup products:

  1. Attack on Sun 50SPF Sunscreen
  2. Misty Matte Lip Cream
  3. Glossip Girl Lip Cream
  4. Hearty-Melt Creamy Liquid Blush



You can find Dazzle Me on Instagram and Facebook.

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