Reasons why the new Presto Premium is the sweet treat of your dreams

Reasons why the new Presto Premium is the sweet treat of your dreams

Because they were a big part of our upbringing, some delicacies hold a special place in our hearts. just like the Premium Peanut Butter Cookie, that has a new and more decadent version:  Presto Premium.


Some people would eat it as their go-to merienda at recess, as a treat to share with their high school sweetheart, or as a treat with their barkada after school.

Presto Premium is what you get when you combine the traditional, creamy peanut butter Presto cookie sandwich with a rich, silky, and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate covering. Every bite will satisfy your taste buds because to the enticing mix of the richness of the chocolate and the nuttiness of the peanut butter.

Get your barkada together and enjoy a trip down memory lane while savoring this fan-favorite cookie in a new style, or use it as a small incentive for completing your to-do list.

Deliciousness is available at a reasonable price with Presto Premium Cookie. For a short period of time (until August 2023 or while supplies last), this delicious treat is only available. Just Php 162.00 (SRP) will buy you a box containing 12 two-piece sets. There are a total of 24 peanut butter cookies with a chocolate coating.

So, if you enjoy peanut butter, chocolate, or Presto Peanut Butter Cookies, try the new Presto Premium while it’s still available. The sweet pleasure of your desires might be there!


Shop Presto Premium at select supermarkets nationwide and online via Lazada. For more information, visit Presto Creams’ official Facebook page.


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