How to Feng Shui Your Condo + Tips for a Great 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon

How to Feng Shui Your Condo + Tips for a Great  2024 Year of the Wood Dragon

Most of us no longer live in just apartments or houses a lot of us now live in condo including myself and because of that I decided to write something on how to Feng Shui your condo.  A condo is different from a house or an apartment or townhouse because it usually is a building and you are bound to the architectural design of the building .

February 9, 2024 is the beginning of the Chinese New Year , Year of the Wood Dragon.  With that said, Dragon is generally a good sign for everyone except for the known enemies of  the sign.  If you know you are an enemy of the Dragon then you need a lot of charms to counter / prevent or soften the blow.  Thanks to Ms. Marites Allen, the Feng Shui Queen for all the tips she gave us during her convention recently.

To Feng Shui your condo :

Before anything else, you have to know your directions, you know, the North, South, East, West of your homes/ houses/ apartments / condo’s or office or the place you sleep and always stay.

However, if you live in a condo, you have to know this:

  • If you stay in the ground floor up to the 9th floor of the condo building, your entrance if you lobby entrance or your building entrance.
  • If you stay in the 10-th floor up, your entrance is facing the biggest window or biggest mirror or balcony.

From there, you can map your house according to the compass direction, looking from the center of the house out and find your ward .  If you plot this then get the Marites Allen Feng Shui Forecasts Wood Dragon 2024 according to your sign and take note of the Flying Stars they are numbered 1 to 9 .  For this 2024 Wood Dragon 3 is the most unlucky star and it is the center of your home!  Keep away from it , do not make loud noises in there and do not renovate, do not make noises just don’t use the space

If your entrance or main door is facing West and you have a side door or another entrance you can use, use that instead.  If there is no other main door/ entrance, paint it with white, gold or silver.   Do not put anything red on it.  Also put a pagoda or a metal windchime.  If painting is also not an option then move out !

Wear 9 auspicious items on yourself.  Put 9 auspicious items on your lucky direction.  9 is the luckiest number of the year !

ON FEBRUARY 4, 2024, install your water fountain at the North.  Bring in a plant of good fortune until the entire month of February.

On February 9 welcome the God of Wealth by putting a special decoration at the NE and North the god of wealth.


However, these are all just tips and suggestions.  You can choose to do or not to do the following tips.  If you are enthusiasts and you have the means to do all I mentioned then great.  If you don’t have the means then it is ok, just always pray for the Universe blessing and protection and love and light and do not wish anyone ill and try to be a good person.

Feng Shui is fixing the flow of energy in your environment  to be favorable for you, it is not witch craft or anything like that, that’s what feng shui your condo does just fix the flow of energy.

If you want to know more about your lucky directions and how you can Feng Shui your condo. You may reach out to Ms. Marites Allen via her Frigga Charmed Life on all social media or visit her website at  You can request for your destiny chart where it is your forever destiny according to your date of birth and time of birth.

May the odds be in  your favor and may the universe conspire to support you and give it to you!

Stay gorgeous everyone !



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