Enjoy Your First-Ever Halo-Halo in the Skies with Philippine Airlines Business Class

Enjoy Your First-Ever Halo-Halo in the Skies with Philippine Airlines Business Class

If you can’t wait to land in the beautiful island of the Philippines to experience the food and culture, Philippine Airlines got you!   You can try your first ever halo-halo up 10,000 feet from the ground at the Philippine Airlines Business Class where they now serve Halo-Halo in their in-flight menu.

Fly PAL Business Class to the US Mainland and Canada and experience a unique in-flight culinary delight featuring the best Filipino flavors.  It’s time to taste some sweet ice in the skies with Philippine Airlines’ halo-halo, the first of its kind in the industry!

Considered the unofficial national dessert of the Philippines, the halo-halo, which literally translates to “mix-mix,” refers not only to the combination of ingredients that it has, but also the action of mixing required to get all the flavors and textures together. A mainstay in every corner and city in the country, halo-halo now gets elevated into a special in-flight treat, offered only by Philippine Airlines. 

PAL’s special halo-halo is pre-made with banana, langka, gulaman, beans, and coconut in the serving glass. Then, upon ordering, cabin crew members will finish the treat in-flight, adding ube halaya, leche flan, vanilla ice cream, pinipig, and shaved milk. The result? A refreshing experience for PAL’s Business Class passengers. 

First offered only on flights from Manila to San Francisco last September 2023, the dessert became a mainstay for PAL passengers flying Business Class to North America starting December 2023. 

With its halo-halo offering, PAL reiterates its commitment to strengthening Filipino representation by bringing Filipino cuisine and its unique flavors around the world. 


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