ANTA Kids: Slam Dunk Alert! New Store at Shangri-La Plaza for Young Athletes!

ANTA Kids: Slam Dunk Alert! New Store at Shangri-La Plaza for Young Athletes!

Guess what? ANTA just sprinkled some magic at Shangri-La Plaza, and it’s all about the kiddos! 🎉 Say hello to the brand-new ANTA Kids store—your one-stop shop for mini athletes and playground conquerors. Let’s dive into the sneaker saga, shall we? 💫

1. The Scoop on ANTA Kids:

  • Location: Fourth floor of the Main Mall. It’s like a treasure chest of sportswear wonders!
  • Why Now?: Mother’s Day vibes! ANTA knows how to celebrate with style. 🌼

2. Meet JP Paglinawan—Your Sporty Guide:

  • Mission: Empowering young champs! JP’s all about top-quality gear and shoes.
  • Secret Sauce: ANTA Kids collection—designed for mini dynamos. 🏀👟

3. The Cool Tech Stuff:

  • Habu Fit System: Imagine shoes that hug your kiddo’s feet. Micro-adjustable magic!
  • Court Stars: Enhanced stability for little ballers.
  • Run Wild: Bouncy, lightweight kicks for mini sprinters.
  • Rainy Day Chic: Reversible varsity jackets—waterproof and stylish. Perfect for puddle-jumping! ☔

4. Store Countdown:

  • First ANTA Kids Store: July 2023. The OG.
  • Shangri-La Plaza: Lucky number seven!
  • Cebu’s SM Seaside: Coming soon! ANTA’s spreading its sporty wings. 🌊

5. Mom Radar Alert!

  • Stay Tuned: More store openings on the horizon. ANTA’s on a roll!
  • Online Adventure: Explore their gear galore at Exclusive offers await!

So, moms, gear up those little champs. ANTA’s got their backs (and feet)! Let’s celebrate sports, style, and the joy of active living.

Explore their latest merchandise and discover exclusive offers by visiting their online store at

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