PUMA Introduces SPEEDCAT OG ahead of F/W Season

PUMA Introduces SPEEDCAT OG ahead of F/W Season

Global sports brand PUMA is set to launch its iconic sneaker, the “SPEEDCAT OG,” marking the start of its F/W season campaign.

On June 29, PUMA will release the “SPEEDCAT OG” to signal the beginning of a new SPEEDCAT campaign for the forthcoming months. Under the slogan ‘LIBERATE YOURSELF WITH SPEEDCAT’, the campaign will aim to illuminate the “Truly Liberated Self” hidden deep within, manifesting the freedom as expressed by a colorful and distinctive individual through the SPEEDCAT. Throughout the 2024 F/W season, PUMA will continue to roll out visually eye-catching campaigns featuring the new SPEEDCAT lineup.

The PUMA SPEEDCAT, originally conceived as fireproof footwear for Formula One (F1) racers in 1998, has secured its status as an iconic fashion item since the 2000s, thanks to its innovative silhouette, low-profile heel, and signature PUMA cat embroidery. In line with the recent low-profile look trend, SPEEDCAT has re-emerged as one of the most popular sneakers, resonating with the low-profile look trend and gaining traction among prominent celebrities and fashion influencers globally.

SPEEDCAT OG, released on June 29, adopts Ultra Suede, an enhanced material surpassing the original suede. This model is distinguished by a gold foil logo on the tongue and heel tab, along with a cat embroidery signature on the toe. Additionally, the updated midsole and Softform+ footbed ensure a lighter, more comfortable fit, increasing the overall wearability compared to previous models. 

Commencing with various colors of the “SPEEDCAT OG” in the latter half of the year, PUMA will expand the lineup of “SPEEDCAT.” PUMA also aims to perpetuate its trendsetting influence by launching newly reinterpreted SPEEDCAT models through collaborations with fashion brands Coperni and JUUN.J.

From 29 June, the “SPEEDCAT OG” will be available exclusively at atmos, BGC.

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