Nubia Music : Unleashing Better Harmony in the Philippines

Nubia Music : Unleashing Better Harmony in the Philippines

Hello Earthlings! 🌍 Let’s talk about music, shall we?


Now, not everyone can belt out a tune like a pop star, but Filipinos sure know how to groove to the beat. Music is their universal language—a way to connect, express, and have a blast. Whether it’s inside cozy homes or out on bustling streets, Filipinos share music with gusto.


But wait, there’s more! Introducing nubia Music—a smartphone marvel that’s about to revolutionize how Filipinos experience their favorite tunes.


Immersive Listening Party

Picture this: you’re at a party, the bass thumping, and the crowd swaying. With nubia Music, you can crank up the volume to a mind-blowing 600%! 🎉 That’s right, this phone’s got serious sound chops, thanks to DTS:X® Ultra technology. So go ahead, lose yourself in the rhythm, feel every beat, and let the music take you places.


And guess what? nubia Music comes with not one, but **two** 3.5mm earphone jacks.  That means you can share your playlist with a fellow music enthusiast—whether it’s your bestie, your sibling, or that random person on the bus who’s vibing to the same track.  Create memories, swap tunes, and groove together—it’s like a musical love story waiting to happen.


Mesmerizing visual feast

nubia Music flexes a detailed visual ensemble to match the users’ music preferences. The device is equipped with Dual Musical Light Effects with Melody that enhance the music listening to a new height. The RGB light effects on the speakers provide a Dreamy breathing light effect that changes in real time with the rhythm of the music. This is paired with a Screen

light effect, which is a surrounding light effect on the screen that also changes in real-time with the rhythm of music.

To complement these unique features, nubia Music flaunts in its Classic Vinyl Record Player Design a reminiscence of timeless beauty that is perfect for a fashionable expression. Classic geometry shapes for that elegant and artistic design will complement everyone’s fashion sense, paired with an exquisite holographic texture process for the camera module. nubia Music also displays brilliant color to convey attitude toward music, with the addition of POP Art to suit users’ own music style.

Better for all music experience

Listening to music creates memories that are worth documenting. Special moments can be captured and immortalized with nubia Music’s 50MP HD Dual Camera, which allows users to explore 12 shooting scene recognition options, as well as Face recognition, which locks the face focus when taking photos and videos, allowing users to take clear and natural images.

A 6.6″ HD+ large display will allow users to navigate the device with ease. This is combined with a 90Hz refresh rate to provide a seamless and hassle-free mobile phone experience. The device also integrated a Live island where numerous helpful operations could be done, providing users a new interactive way to navigate, manage, and control the device based on their preferences.

Groove to the music all day

nubia Music lets its users enjoy music endlessly. With a massive 5000mAh battery, users can listen to music for up to 150 hours on the earphone or 48 hours on the speaker continuously, allowing an uninterrupted musical party for everyone at any time. nubia Music is also equipped with 128GB of large storage and up to 8GB of dynamic RAM, enough space to store users’ most loved playlists without compromising the device’s performance, delivering smooth music listening.


Filipino music enthusiasts can now experience a better way of listening to music with the all new nubia Music. They can now purchase nubia Music at any local nubia Philippines stores and experience a better melody for all for only Php 3,999! To learn more about the nubia Music and nubia devices, visit its website at or or follow its Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.


So there you have it, fellow Earthlings! nubia Music—a smartphone that’s all about the beats, the vibes, and the good times. Whether you’re jamming solo or sharing the groove, this little marvel promises a melody that’ll make your heart sing.

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