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Buy or Bye: Amazing Beauty Tape In Hair Extensions

  Don’t we all want a voluminous hair especially when we see all those gorgeous Victorias Secret  models strutt their stuff on the runway  like Angels! Actually their secret is hair extensions, lots and lots of them.   So when Amazing Beauty sent me a message saying they want to send me their tape hair extensions […]

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Why Your Hair Extensions Should Match Your Hair & Providing Your Hair with Enough Moisture

Perhaps this scenario sounds a little redundant: you choose your hair extensions to blend in naturally with your hair- not stand out. If you don’t take care of your own hair, however, your extensions will stand out against your own damaged hair- especially if you have human hair extensions. To avoid having hair that looks […]


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Are you longing for a hairstyle change to jazz up your look instantly without having to wait months for your hair to naturally grow? For women, long hair is still the best hair style.  It works well for any face shape and you can do so much with a long hair.  You can braid it, […]


FairyDrops Platinum Mascara T2 Film Type Review

As we grow old, we loose some hair here and there.  I think one of the part of our body that loses hair is our eyebrows and yes even our eyelashes.  It’s genetic somehow but also because of the many factors we do.  I think what speed up my eyelashes “hair loss” was the eyelash […]


Accessories To Make You Fashion Forward This Season

Summer brings with it wild bursts of every bright color imaginable. This year is not unlike any other in that regard, but what’s different is how all the overload of color is used. Some trends like the tribal jewelry mixes pops of bright oranges and blues with warmer tons of gold and brown. Others like […]

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