Online shopping vs. Offline Shopping which is doing better? Everybody love’s to shop, online or offline. No wonder online stores are sprouting like mushrooms but physical stores are still rising everywhere. I just have to share this, an Infographic showing the shopping behaviors of us girls out there and whichContinue Reading

I’m just gonna throw in some rant, I’m just disappointed with my online shopping lately. I’ve been an online shopper for (Ebay, Multiply and Facebook Online Stores) awhile but as much as I love the variety of items being sold and that they are less cheaper compared to buying itContinue Reading

There’s always a couple of things to be careful about when buying jewelries online.  You’ll never know if the item they’re gonna send you are authentic or not. So its always best to choose an online jewelry store that gives good guarantees and benefits to its customer like money backContinue Reading