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Philips Global Survey Reveals We Are Living in a Sleep Deprived World

    Global adults barely get the recommended minimum hours of sleep each night, averaging 7.0 hours of sleep per night, down from 7.1 hours in 2019  Almost half (47%) of adults in Asia-Pacific are not satisfied with their sleep Fear and unawareness of sleep conditions could hinder people from seeking treatment    People around […]

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Philips Avent Collaborates with Rajo Laurel to Make Breastfeeding Moms #ComfortableAnywhere

I have no plans of having any baby in the future anymore.  But I do wish hat all the new products for breastfeeding moms  and baby wearing were available 16 years ago when I became a mom myself.  Just like this latest collaboration Philis Avent with Rajo Laurel did where Rajo created a multi-way wrap […]

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Fast and Easy Way to Cook Healthy Meals with Philips Healthy Kitchen Solutions #NothingBeatsHealthyEats

What’s your main concern when it comes to cooking healthy yet fast meals for your family? Mine would be the desire to cut the amount of fat in all the meals I prepare.  I would like to make meals where I can use less cooking oil of none at all.  But how can I do […]

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Philips x Nancy Lumen Healthy Choices, Delicious Results Easy Recipe Cookbook

First-time cooks fret not when it comes to preparing delicious, nutritious food for themselves, family or friends as Philips collaborated with Ms. Nancy Lumen to create a cookbook made specially for home chefs or wannabe chefs. The Healthy Choices, Delicious Results Easy Recipe by Nancy Lumen demonstrates how quick and easy it is to prepared […]

Food, Restos, Hang-outs Health & Wellness Home & Family

Cook and Eat Healthy with the Philips Airfryer

Summer is just around the corner, which means that most of you are probably already starting to make preparations for your escapades. But are you girls all ready for your bikinis? Recently, I discovered something that could just be the answer for a food lover and for someone trying to eat healthier for a sexy […]

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