Electrolux FashionCare Council

I was invited to Electrolux 15th Anniversary Gala  held at the Shangri-la at the Fort and one of the revelations that struck me was finding out  that there is finally a washing machine that can actually was dry clean only specific clothes .  I know right! This was exposed duringContinue Reading

biodegradable paclaged toilet bowl cleaner and fabcon

I have a penchant for environmentally friendly products.  So when I heard that Personal Collection Direct Selling Inc. (PCDSI)  launched biodegradable packaging on their flagship products I got excited.  Another bonus is that this company is a Filipino-owned company. Being at home all the time during the pandemic we allContinue Reading

Beko sustainability

Beko sustainability products will be introduced soon.  This product line included the use of recycled materials, use of bio-composites, and products that use fewer chemicals are the three things that Beko, Europe’s no. 1 home appliances brand keeps its steadfast commitment to sustainability . Saving the planet is part ofContinue Reading