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What Are the Different Types of Assault?

The idea of being assaulted is something no one wants to think about, but it can be a reality. Situations that fall under the umbrella of assault include muggings, sexual assaults, and getting into altercations involving violence of some type.  Many cities around the U.S. are dealing with an uptick in violent assaults right now, […]

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Inspiring 25 years Jobstreet reveals their brand evolution as it adapts to the changing times

In celebration of its 25th year, leading online job portal JobStreet officially unveils its brand evolution with the revelation of their brand-new logo, look, and personality  and a new mobile application tailored to be more streamlined and responsive for jobseekers and hirers.  Stressing on the need on “job that matters” JobStreet is evolving to what […]

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#ChallengeAccepted , Here’s the Story Behind the Black and White Photos Invading Your Timeline

First let me say that during these difficult and different time, each of us want a sense of being needed and wanted.  A great support system who will not judge you because of your actions or what you post on your social media. Because behind all the glamorous photos or rants is a person who […]

Current Affairs

Rex’s Barangay Handbook:  a comprehensive and relevant manual for barangay officials during a time of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic placed our barangay officers on the spotlight as they served as frontliners in their respective communities. Residents of every barangay counted on their barangay officials for guidance and action on their safety and other support services. They were the ones to implement the nationwide curfew, screen and qualify those eligible for the […]

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Here are the Government Plans for the Opening of 2020 Classes during the Pandemic in the Philippines

Parents are in anxious mode as the government announced that the school year 2020 will still push through in spite of the threat of the Covid-19 virus.  However, the President retracted this and said he would not let kids go to school physically until a vaccine is found, Despite this, a lot of school, private […]

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Job Report the State of Employment During the Pandemic + Top Jobs Available & Top Industries that are Still Hiring #TogetherAhead

For many, Covid-19 has turned work life upside down.  That means job losses decrease working hours and rapid adjustments to working from home that has created changes no one could have predicted.  While unemployment is expected to increase. launched its #TogetherAhead initiative to assist job seekers and hirers to find opportunities that are fit […]

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Getting Your Kids Immunization/Vaccines During the Pandemic?

Just recently I asked my Facebook page followers what are their immunization / vaccine concerns on their kids. Most of them said they are delaying the vaccinations due for their children because they are scared of going to the hospitals  because of the pandemic. This was not just an issue to my readers but a […]

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