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Biking Around BGC Trying Out Uniqlo’s Sport Utility Wear

I love to bike. So whenever I get the chance to do it, I do. Just recently, Uniqlo invited me to their Set Your Life in Motion event where they introduced their Sport Utility Wear collection, a lineup that introduces a new type of clothing that can smoothly transition from sports to casual wear, seamlessly […]

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3 Places we Visited for My Sagada Birthday Trip + Tips to Travel Joiners and Organizers

It’s a personal tradition. Go somewhere I’ve never been for my birthday or at least on my birthday month.  I used to do it alone. But this year was different.  I was with my love and we went to Sagada. It’s not true that Sagada is a place where broken hearts go, non-heart broken hearted […]

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We Went to Climb Central Manila to Wall Climb This is What Happened

If you are looking for a different kind of adventure or activities to do  with friends, family and relatives around Metro Manila , you may want to take a look at Climb Central Manila and try wall climbing! I was there this weekend thanks to who gave me places to check out and  hang […]

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The Day I Went Tandem Paragliding

I don’t have problem with heights. If I have to choose between open sea swimming or flying, I will pick flying anytime of the day. The day I went Tandem Paragliding last May 1, 2018 was a spur of the moment adventure trip. I saw it on my events suggestions on Facebook . I checked […]

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Banana Boat Dry Balance – A Sunblock That Can Stay Effective Even Under 7 Conditions

Summer is forever in the Philippines while rain is just an occasional thing.  With that said,  we all need a sunblock that can withstand all the situations we are put in. Yesterday,  I was one of the first to try out the new Banana Boat Dry Balance,  the latest broadspectrum sunblock with SPF50+PA+++ that is […]

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#BuyorBye: Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum + Wear Test at Camp N Adventure Bootcamp

Last week I joined an outdoor bootcamp to test the lastest Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum.  We headed to Camp N Adventurr Camp in Laguna andnthey prepared a couple of outdoor adventures for us to try like Outdoor Archery,  Mountain Bike Trail Ride,  Zip Line and Areal Walk Obstables.   The sun was definitely at […]

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Better, Stronger, Bolder Gandiva Archery Center Caters to Serious Archers in the Philippines

I have been looking for a sport that does not put a lot of  stress on my lower body. Most exercises and sports out there definitely strain the legs,  knees and foot.  I have been doing cycling/spinning and I just got my knees injured.  I thought I got arthritis  but when I consulted a doctor it […]

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Puerto Princesa Palawan Travel Itenerary #ForYourNext #IslandAdventure

It’s been a decade since I last visited this one big piece of paradise also known as Palawan.  I remember how the roads were not paved yet and we need to endure the excuriating 3 hours on the  rough roads just to go to the port area going to the Unesco World Heritage Site and […]

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Earthlingorgeous TV Exclusive #ToyconPopLifeFanX 1-on-1 with Hollywood Stars of Deadpool,Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Supernatural, Assasin’s Creed & Suicide Squad

Day 3 and last day of Toycon 2017 and I made sure I will make the best of this day and make my moment and not wait for it. I got a chance to have a short interview with each of the Hollywood celebrity stars at #ToyconPopLifeFanX #Toycon2017 in Manila. I was able to have […]

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