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#BreaktheStigma on Mental Health and Illness in the Country

Although the number of people speaking out in the mental health landscape has been increasing, the stigma attached to mental health issues is still present. Words like baliw, krung-krung, and buang are often used casually or even mindlessly in everyday conversation. And unfortunately, these words are still carelessly inserted as punchlines in media.  The Joker Movie  The recently shown Joker …

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Action Against Hunger Introduces Love Food Give Food and ₱100 for 5 Challenge

What people refute to recognize is that being malnourished is actually the cause and root of poverty.  How and why?  Most of our underprivileged countrymen would simply just try not to have an empty stomach and feed on less nourishing food. Since they feel “full” it’s good enough for them.  But then it’s really not because they’re lacking nutrients their …

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Yoga Meditationfitness

Yoga Meditation and Wellness Retreats 2019

Yoga is an Asian spiritual tradition that involves controlling your breathing, meditation, and getting into specific bodily postures. For those new to meditation, meditation is a senescent ethical practice that is comprised of quiet reflection and mental discipline. According to research, yoga meditation is practiced for relaxation and other health benefits. For those who dream of having some inner peace …

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Healthway Medical Healthy Lifestyle Bundle Medical Check-up Packages for Specific Health Concerns

Which kind of medical check-up do you need? For your heart? For your Weight? Check Diabetes? Prostate? Or because you want to take up a sport? Here are Healthway Healthy Lifestyle Bundle packages of medical checkup that caters to your specific health concerns or needs. <center Just recently, Healthway Medical launched their new medical check-up packages that is suitable for …

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