A Pandemic Mobile Clinic to Get your Immunization Shots by Licensed Doctors

As we observe the global pandemic strikes across nations and industries, Covid-19 vaccine remains to be a pursuit of all leading pharmaceutical and hospital laboratories.  The virus could only be dealt with scientific approach and healthcare is the top priority however we are now observing larger movements of people as our local leaders are easing […]

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How to Make Bike Riding a Workout

Going for a bike ride is a way to get exercise and enjoy the natural world. Cycling can also be a great outlet for amping up your fitness routine and making a solid workout part of your daily routine. Once you develop a consistent routine, you’ll be able to burn 300-400 calories on a moderate […]

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Life in the Age of Corona Virus: 7 Simple Steps to Avoid the Spread of Virus at Home #StayHome

Safety starts at home. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at home is important to safeguard yourself and your family from any illnesses. Here are seven tips to keep your family safe at home:   Wash your hands often   Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. Soap helps kill germs and […]

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Things I’ve Learned from Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit

Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy

I am thankful that my family is blessed with good skin/genes.  I don’t have any chronic skin problem like acne, eczema or anything really serious that I would have to suffer for a lifetime or pass on to my daughter. However, attending the Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit  was an eye opener. Speakers at the event […]

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