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Biking Around BGC Trying Out Uniqlo’s Sport Utility Wear

I love to bike. So whenever I get the chance to do it, I do. Just recently, Uniqlo invited me to their Set Your Life in Motion event where they introduced their Sport Utility Wear collection, a lineup that introduces a new type of clothing that can smoothly transition from sports to casual wear, seamlessly […]


Yoga Meditation and Wellness Retreats 2019

Yoga is an Asian spiritual tradition that involves controlling your breathing, meditation, and getting into specific bodily postures. For those new to meditation, meditation is a senescent ethical practice that is comprised of quiet reflection and mental discipline. According to research, yoga meditation is practiced for relaxation and other health benefits. For those who dream […]

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First Time Trying Out Fencing in Manila

This is my first time to try fencing. I’ve always wanted to do it because of Richard Gomez, Zorro and the Three Musketeers! Haha! Anyway ,Fencing  is known as a very elite sports in the Philippines because of the expensive equipment, but now you can try it out without having to buy a thing! Just […]

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My Fitness Story Plus Finally Finishing a 5K Run at the #BuddyRun12 for Nutrition Month

Not many of you know , but my boyfriend Marcus is also my personal workout coach.  If  you met him already you know how he got a fit body.  I asked him to help me out achieve a healthier me, actually I asked him to help me make abs.  Ok a realistic one is less […]


Trying Out the Playground and Saltar Workout Routines at Celebrity Fitness

I dislike going to the gym because of the routine stationary boring exercises that you need to repeatedly do. I also dislike that it’s just you and your machine.  Unless you have a gym buddy or a personal coach to push you to your limits, gym life is not for me until I tried Celebrity […]

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How Can You Tell That You Are Entering Menopausal Stage – Menopause Symptoms Every Women Should Know

I am at an age where I am actually preparing for the onset of menopause.  Yes men-o-pause.   Pause from men (lol)  and/or pause from menstruation. Not too many talk about it.  But me since I was hanging at the edge of 30s I want to know what to expect.  Now that I am at the […]

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Better, Stronger, Bolder Gandiva Archery Center Caters to Serious Archers in the Philippines

I have been looking for a sport that does not put a lot of  stress on my lower body. Most exercises and sports out there definitely strain the legs,  knees and foot.  I have been doing cycling/spinning and I just got my knees injured.  I thought I got arthritis  but when I consulted a doctor it […]

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