PayMaya Protect

There’s a new “insurance product” in town and it’s called PayMaya Protect.  Before you skip to another story please give me a few seconds more to tell you that this one is something you might want to consider. Like you, I used to get intimidated when I read about insuranceContinue Reading


It’s time you should take advantage of ShopeePay.  If you haven’t used it yet it is time you start doing so, especially on this October 15 payday sale. Aside from snagging that Shopee find you saw from your favorite home improvement and shopping groups, Shopee is also a great placeContinue Reading

student loan debt

Since becoming president this January 2021,  President Joe Biden has cancelled about  $3 billion of student loans: According to reports these student loan borrowers get student loan cancellations based on borrower defense to repayment. Borrower defense to repayment is a federal regulation that began under the Obama administration that allows youContinue Reading