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Eye-Opening ! Knowing the Right Bra for your Breast Shape – 5 Styles Available #JointheBOOBment

Are you wearing the right bra? So, what’s right bra for your breast shape?  There are actually 5 different kinds of bra and which breast shape they’re meant to be on:

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Things I’ve Learned from Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit

I am thankful that my family is blessed with good skin/genes.  I don’t have any chronic skin problem like acne, eczema or anything really serious that I would have to suffer for a lifetime or pass on to my daughter. However, attending the Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit  was an eye opener. Speakers at the event […]

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Buy or Bye: Humer Nasal Spray Review

When I was younger,  I suffered from a mild allergic rhinitis that occurs every morning.   I would wakeup sneezing and my eyes gets really itchy all the way down my throat.   I wouls take allergy pills or just take a shower and sneezingsand itchiness will go away until the next day.   It was cycle I […]

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