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Eye-Opening ! Knowing the Right Bra for your Breast Shape – 5 Styles Available #JointheBOOBment

Are you wearing the right bra? So, what’s right bra for your breast shape?  There are actually 5 different kinds of bra and which breast shape they’re meant to be on:

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Things I’ve Learned from Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit

I am thankful that my family is blessed with good skin/genes.  I don’t have any chronic skin problem like acne, eczema or anything really serious that I would have to suffer for a lifetime or pass on to my daughter. However, attending the Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy Bath Time Summit  was an eye opener. Speakers at the event […]

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Buy or Bye: Humer Nasal Spray Review

When I was younger,  I suffered from a mild allergic rhinitis that occurs every morning.   I would wakeup sneezing and my eyes gets really itchy all the way down my throat.   I wouls take allergy pills or just take a shower and sneezingsand itchiness will go away until the next day.   It was cycle I […]

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Buy or Bye: Reasons to Give Ladouce Tampons a Try + Why it is Never Too Late to Use Tampons

I used to be one of the millions of Filipino women who cringe at the thought of using tampons. Heck,  even just the word tampon made me feel uneasy – because it looks so invasive and painful coz I never tried one before.  My big sister has been using tampons since forever and she had been teasing […]

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How Can You Tell That You Are Entering Menopausal Stage – Menopause Symptoms Every Women Should Know

I am at an age where I am actually preparing for the onset of menopause.  Yes men-o-pause.   Pause from men (lol)  and/or pause from menstruation. Not too many talk about it.  But me since I was hanging at the edge of 30s I want to know what to expect.  Now that I am at the […]

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Unboxing Xmas Gifts I Got this 2017 #BloggerMailBox 7

Mybroom looked like a stockroom for a couple of weeks because I have high EQ and self-control with regards to #bloggermail labelled as Holiday presents.   My parents thought us well about this tradition of opening Xmas presents only after 12 midnight and noche buena.  It makes all the gift extra special and the feeling of […]

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