your kapitbahay pharmacy

Do you know your Kapitbahay Pharmacy you can go to online and deliver your health care needs at your doorstep during these crazy fickle times of the pandemic? Now that movement in NCR and nearby provinces is limited again because of the surge in new Covid-19 cases due to theContinue Reading

It’s always a double edged sword.  Filipina women dating an AFAM (Attractive Foreigner Around Manila) are always thought of as gold digger . Filipina women are always told to not let go if they caught an AFAM coz he is a good catch. That she will bear beautiful children. ThatContinue Reading

Going on a blind date is an exciting experience but you can never predict anything about it. On the one hand, you’re proud of how brave you are to go out with a stranger. But on the other hand, you’re afraid your date might turn out to be a completeContinue Reading