Sheraton Manila Bay

Now that the government is loosening up on restrictions, there are 10 five star hotels already given permission to operate. I am not sure if Sheraton Manila Bay is one of them but they have an amazing promo that you can star using by January 2021 and start booking now until end of October 2020.Continue Reading

Stay home and still travel the world. Emirates helps travelers escape their everyday life and invites them on a culinary journey around the globe—discovering other cultures through their food. To bring travel inspiration into people’s home kitchens, Emirates chefs share the ideal three-course-menu to give globetrotters a taste of theirContinue Reading

As soon as the lockdown aka enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in the Philippines started, this new drink trend just suddenly became viral. Dalgona Coffee. It’s someone’s take on having a Starbucks like coffee available at the comforts of our home. The Dalgona coffee craze looked really good and enticing andContinue Reading