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A Shopaholics Search Engine

I’m such a shopaholic and I think anyone who frequents my blog already knows that. I mean how can I avoid shopping when the opportunity to shop at a bargain price without a hassle is so accessible and even a click away. Like this UK shopping search engine I found with 2 million products listed […]

Current Affairs

Premature Campaigning Welcome Here! The 2010 Presidential Election Circus

I think premature campaigning is great since we can have a sneak preview of the people running for the highest position and live a lavish, yet hectic life in the Malacañang Palace for a couple of years. Of course all of them would promise us now the reform in the government we want and a […]

Blogging, Gadgets, Technology

Are We Slackers and Lonesome Bloggers?

I’m a newbie blogger in the blogosphere, but I have been blogging for two years now in another community. I started blogging for personal reason. For one, I wanted to entertain my friends with what I write. Two, I want to make generalized statements meant to air my grievances or observations that sometimes have hurt […]

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