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Is Getting Frequent Hair Treatments at a Salon Worth It?

Salon visits don’t come cheap, but they are definitely worth a splurge in the right circumstances. And the circumstances are right in every case where you can actually afford it without stretching your budget too much. This situation is very similar to any case where you compare professional service to a DIY. The latter can […]

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The Truth About Achieving a Platinum Blonde Hair /Icy Blonde Hair

After 7 hours and three sessions we finally achieved the Icy Blonde Platinum Blonde hair I always wanted!  Yes it’s not an easy process.  To go full fake blonde after being brunette since birth is a long and painful process that needs your entire commitment , patience and a lot of disposable money to burn […]

Hair Care Treatments & Salons

#HairColorGoals : How I Transitioned from Brunette to Silver Blonde (Part 2)

After posting the first part of my hair transformation story,  a lot of friends,  colleagues and strangers have seen my silver blonde hair.  Everyone loved it and believed I should keep this hair color because it suits me very well!  This is such a big stroke in my ego plus a great reward from all […]

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#BuyorBye: Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum + Wear Test at Camp N Adventure Bootcamp

Last week I joined an outdoor bootcamp to test the lastest Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum.  We headed to Camp N Adventurr Camp in Laguna andnthey prepared a couple of outdoor adventures for us to try like Outdoor Archery,  Mountain Bike Trail Ride,  Zip Line and Areal Walk Obstables.   The sun was definitely at […]

Hair Care

Finally a Hair Detoxifying Shampoo and Conditioner Line! #DestressyourTresses

This is how happy I was when I found out that finally, there is a hair detoxifying shampoo and conditioner line! I am one to admit that my hair is totally in a big distress right now.  It is so abused with all the hair coloring and hair styling I did with it and I […]

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Make Your #HairGoals a Reality at #Watsonsph + 50% Sale on Hair Coloring Products

The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.  While we brunettes long for blonde locks, they on the other side want our luscious dark as night tresses. Thank heavens for all the beauty innovations and products now within our reach, especially like stores like Watsons, which has become a one-stop-shop for […]

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