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Feminine Hygiene 101

Men often wonder why women take long hours in the shower while they can do it in 10 minutes or less. They didn’t know that aside from shampooing our long locks, we also use conditioner to keep it soft and smooth. That aside from using soap on our body we use a bath gel to […]

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Get Rid Of Bloating

Every time my monthly period approaches I always feel bloated, my energy level is low and sometimes I will have skin breakouts. It’s a horrible feeling and I bet most women out there who still get their monthly period loathe the premenstrual syndrome (PMS). One of the ways to get rid of this yucky feeling […]

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My Signature Scent

I am very particular on my perfumes as I have a very sensitive sense of smell. I don’t like strong overpowering musky or flowery scents that would make me dizzy or sneezy. There are two particular perfume that I am fond to wear and both passed the standards my nose has set for me. One […]

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First PMS of the Year

I’m sure you’ve been warned. It’s all there at my sidebar and well if you have been an avid reader who read through my blog since I started you all know this blog is all about the PMSing me. The Holiday’s spirit just got me couple months that’s why you haven’t heard much of complaints […]

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How To Potty Train A Child With Autism

Potty training is one of the hardest and nastiest things all parents have to endure. Imagine cleaning poop, ewww. Training terrible two’s is already hard what more training your child with autism. This is a very tough job. I’m glad my daughter is a quick learner though she picks up really quickly despite having some […]

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Forget Meralco, Ces Drilon is the Hot Issue Now!

Nobody wants to get kidnapped. True. More so, nobody wants to be abducted by Muslim extremist terrorist group who is also known to rape every woman they get. It’s a journalist responsibility to report everything about anything that bears the truth (or at least truth as their editors/publishers/bosses slant). It’s their duty to entertain, inform […]

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