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How Useful is Laser Hair Removal?

The hype about laser hair removal is unrelenting in the media today. That’s what makes some people think that it’s too good to be true. However, if you are one of those people, you shouldn’t automatically dismiss it because of the media blitz. It can actually be quite useful, if you want to be rid […]

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Hairstyling Tips from Philips x Ara Fernando

Philips has always believed in helping women look and feel their best every day. More than just aiding Filipinas achieve this; the brand also understands the importance of doing this in a healthy, damage-free way. With this commitment, Philips offers a collection of hair care products designed to complement any girl’s beauty regimen. These tools […]

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Tony and Guy Hair Trunk Show

Since I cut my hair the shortest length I got ever last month, I’ve been obsessed with styling it.  I never knew how shorter hair is higher maintenance than the medium one-length or longer hair I had for the longest time. When I got invited to the Tony and Guy Hair Trunk show at a […]

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