Do you have any idea what’s the scariest thing this Halloween? Its not the horror or ghost stories.  Or the spooky Halloween costumes.  Its not the vampires, werewolves ,  witches, devils or zombies either. But this… Take a closer look! The scariest thing this Halloween are the treats you give kids! ThisContinue Reading

Finally after 32 years, the company who’s been taking care of all the women  in the world gave birth to their new product line the Avon Baby. The launch event was hosted by celebrity mom Isa Litton at the Taguig Arts Center.   Kids were treated to fun-filled workshops forContinue Reading

This July, Avon will launch the Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum, a concentrated essence that makes skin not only dramatically fairer but more importantly, visibly reduces dark spots and skin discolorations. The Anew 360º White Intensive Correcting Serum boasts of three key technologies that lock, cut and discharge melaninContinue Reading