I do not claim to be a highly fashionable person because I don’t dress o impress others that often, I dress to make.myself feel good and comfortable and let my personality shine over the clothes I wear. I admire beautiful people and their beautiful outfit. I have to give them A+ for all the effort. It takes.more than having the clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup. It’s about knowing how to mix-and-match the items you have and make it work.

Here are my post related to fashion post related to fashion.  It includes post about the Philippine Fashion Week, fashion shows, fashion related events, styling, modeling , latest trends and collections, what’s hot and what’s not in the world of fashion.  Enjoy!

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I also love to see what people wore on Events I attended like product launch,  a new restaurant opening, fashion show, birthday?  If its interesting enough for me I’ll go and blog it!.

Click here to read my post about the Events I’ve attended.


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    designers and you

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