I support any move to uplift the lives of women and children, teach people more about autism, movements on having a safer, peaceful, clean and healthy planet and access to education for all. I also support the move to an educated and practical approach on reproductive health and promoting my beautiful country (the Philippines). I am for the call to end poverty.

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Why do I blog about Autism?

It’s because I’m a parent of a child with autism.

One in every 150 child is diagnosed with autism and every 20 minutes there is a child diagnosed with autism.  But this was the statistics two years ago, now there is 1:69 and the number is growing.  Out of 10 children with autism only one is likely to be female.  My daughter is one of the uncommon cases.

I got those knowing looks and rude judgment on how my daughter got autism but none of them were right.

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day as proclaimed by UN in December 2007. April is also the Autism Awareness Month.  I dedicate a lot of space here in my blog to spread the word about autism.   Autism can affect anyone regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status or geography.

I hope all my posts helps.

Here are my posts about autism.

I also made a separate blog about autism Surviving Autism:

Surviving Autism

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Proud Parent Raising Autism Awareness

I love someone with autism




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2 thoughts on “Advocacy

  1. It’s frightening how the number of autism cases is rising. I don’t know anyone personally who has it, but I see a lot of blog posts from others who have children with it.

  2. Hi! Reich here. What happened to Surviving Autism? Can’t access ur site anymore. Anyway, hope you can help me promote my site, Exploring Possibilities. It is a resource blog for parents of children with autism and other related disorders. There are valuable info in the site especially the directory of therapy centers and SPED schools. Talk to you soon!

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