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Dare to do these exciting indoor activities to keep cabin fever down  

Staying home continues to be the best risk-mitigation initiative amidst the pandemic. With varying degrees of quarantine protocols implemented across the country, Filipinos are still discouraged to go out –  a tad challenging for an immensely social nation. Another major hurdle everyone staying indoors faces is cabin fever, a common reaction to being isolated for […]

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Is your family getting proper nutrition to stay strong?

Good nutrition is critical to support a healthy immune system.  There is a strong relationship between poor nutritional status and compromised immunity.  Below, are seven essential nutrients that are known to support immune health. Protein is needed for the building of antibodies and immune system cells.  Also, some of the amino acids that make up proteins […]

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Beko promotes good health habits with EverFresh+® technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed people and the way they live. Consumer attitudes, behavior and purchasing patterns are reflecting these changes. Simply put—consumers are now looking into ways on how to live healthier and improve their overall wellbeing. While staying at home is a priority, people nowadays are exploring means to eat good food […]

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My #Plantita #PlantEartha Journey – How I Grow my Plant Collection in 1 Week + My Parents with Green Thumbs

It’s almost two weeks since I started my own #plantita journey. Plantita is a term people use these days for  women who are into the hobby of gardening.   Mine started when I posted on my social media that I think I need and want some plants to liven up my new place.  In a matter […]

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Hassle-free recipe for fudgy chocolate crinkles – thanks to PayMaya!

Before my jowa left the country last May, he was able to teach me how to bake.  One of the first baking recipe we did which we both really like, and the daughter really, really liked is Chocolate Crinkles. As soon as they come out of the oven, she will eat them even while their […]

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