Going 30

I’m counting the days to my 30th birthday. I want to celebrate being able to reach the 3rd decade of my life. Looking back, I have accomplished lots at this age I believe that others my age or going my age had not and I am proud. I would love to enumerate them to you some other time. Those were my glory days. A lot more stories to come in my next decades I hope, if I will be able to live that long to tell the tale.Despite lacking material possessions and other stuff I wished I had at this point in my life, I could have done better, but well we get what we deserve. I am not complaining.

I’m turning 30 that’s great! I am getting old enough to know better and too young to care. A miniscule part of me is screaming to freak out. However, a larger part of me keeps me calm and tells me to keep my cool. In the end everything will be all right if it does not, it is not yet the end. Faith is what I have and it gives me the ability not to panic.

Entering a new stage in my life makes me excited at the same time it slows me down. I feel like I’m too old to start over again but then at the same time I feel like I can make a fresh start. Life begins at 30 an old adage I have heard so many times, but then again I heard it also begins at 20, 40, 50 and 60. Maybe it is just being able to live through the decades that make it feel special for me.

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