Effects of Rising Cost of Gasoline

Just couple weeks ago, gasoline/diesel reached more than P60 almost P65 per liter. People could really feel the impact of this on their finances and so everyone would try to find a way to save.

The best thing that ever happened about the rising oil prices was lesser vehicles on the streets (most would use the public transport especially the MRT), which meant less traffic, and less pollution.

This was a “bumper” sticker I found while riding a FX (public taxi that can accommodate 10 passengers excluding the driver, very common mode of transportation here in the Philippines and more convenient compared to the so called “king of the road” jeep where you can gather up all the smog on your way to work or home or wherever you are going.)

The sticker reads “Siksikan… Bawal ang Manyak” (Crowded… Maniacs not allowed!) . Some men take advantage of the crowded public transport where they “accidentally” grope, bump, brush, squeeze some ladies privates. It’s so annoying, irritating and disrespectful. Some would be very mean and say why don’t you get a private taxi instead as an excuse to their behavior. If I have a stung ray I would use it in every maniac on the road sting their “sticks” so it won’t bother them for the duration of the trip. LMAO!

One thing I hate about having to commute is dealing with rude public transportation drivers. There are a hundred ways a driver can be so rude but this one (who drives this taxi) earns the HALL OF SHAME! (any moment now he will receive his award from the LTO by the way).

How he earned the “award”?

As we got in his vehicle (we didn’t flag him by the way, but his co-driver we were in but he ran out of LPG so just to be “courteous” to us he got us another ride), this almost 50ish old driver immediately told us “if I get caught for overloading, you have to pay the fine.” We looked oddly at him we didn’t say anything but he went on.

“If we pass by a traffic police please hide,” he told us.

“What? Are you crazy. Where would we hide inside your taxi?” my mom, who is hyper high-blood retorted.

The idiot driver said “We are overloaded, I would get apprehended for having so many passengers so I want you to hide.”

“How many can your car accommodate?” we asked. “Five” he said. “Including driver”. It was my mom, my cousin, my nephew and niece, daughter and me in his car. “You shouldn’t have taken us if you are worried with this,” my mom in her hyper tone said.

We tried to calm my mom down (my cousin and me) and told driver to stop because my mom have high blood pressure. He didn’t say a thing so we though he was OK and he shut up already. The suddenly he turned on his radio asking his home base how much would the penalty be for overloading.

WTF! We all shouted hysterically. Me, my cousin and mom.

“Pull over!” we told him. “Pull over were getting off!” we all screamingly told him, which was overheard by his base station on the radio.

“Ma’am no don’t worry. Let it pass,” the driver said calmly.

“NO! Pull over! We are getting off! What are you trying to prove? Next time know who you are dealing with before pulling off such an act! PULL OVER! WE ARE GETTING DOWN!”.

He didn’t pull over but since the traffic was nasty that time we just opened the doors and got off his car. My mom said she hit the driver on the head (LMAO!). I took this picture and sent to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and also to his company so they can give him proper discipline.

The drivers of buses and other public transport in the area saw how we were all pissed with the driver alighting his vehicle angrily. They all encouraged us to report the idiot to the authorities.

What a real idiot. Taxi drivers should know that if they are rude to their passengers they will not get a cent. But if they are very nice and courteous they can even get a big tip.

Passengers understand the plight of cab drivers because of the rising cost of gasoline. How far can a liter of gasoline take them and if 12 hours on the road enough to sustain a family. If they want to thrive in this trying times they should learn courtesy and kindness, it goes a long way.

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  1. Gas prices is going over the top really affects the price of everything!

    Well there are pros and cons of public transit, here we have it everywhere. We just all have learn how to make ends meet.

  2. I totally know how you feel about gas prices. Here in the USA the prices are outrageous and they continue to get higher. It’s getting harder each day to put gas in our cars. Wish we had public transit where I live, but no such luck.

  3. Hi Earth,
    Glad to have you back!I know-some driver’s attitudes are ridiculously irritating. They should start changing their style.

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