My Wish List for the PBF Gift Exchange

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Here is my wish list for the PBF Gift Exchange.

1) A gourmet tea sampler 15 great flavors 5 bags of each 75 bags in all for $7.50 shipping is $8.00 but only $4.00 is shipped with something else from the seller plus

Gourmet Chamomile herbal tea bags in beautiful tin 🙂 for $7.50 shipping is $5.00 only $2.50 when shipped with something else from the seller.

2) Lavender and Chocolate Cupcake Purse with Vintage Embellishments

3) Or anything from this page

To my mommy 🙂 My wish list is in order according to what I like best, I really really like the tea’s. The purse will be the second and the soaps (preferably the strawberry, lavender and coffee.) I’m so excited for my gifts. For my baby 🙂 where is your wish list? Can’t wait 🙂

By the way, I am celebrating my blog 1 year anniversary and I would like to invite you to join my giveaway. Details here.

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  1. yeah some comment I read yours like lotto I think you mean its like lottery. AM I right? That’s called toto here.

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