Q for Queuing and A Cue To A Bloggy Treat

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Q for Queuing and A Cue To A Bloggy Treat

Do you hate queuing? I don’t.

Well, sometimes it’s annoying but honestly if we don’t queue imagine what will happen. We will all be more annoyed I believe and this world will be a mess.

First pic was a queue to the Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstan, Manila, Philippines. Second pic was a queue at a FX terminal in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines.

Even cars, buses, jeepneys and any mode of transportation have to queue, the most annoying thing we could ever experience on the road… traffic! We loathe it yet we have to deal with it! Especially during rush hours!

Taking it from Q this is my cue to introduce my blog anniversary giveaway:

This blog is a year old on December 12! With all those good things that came my way blogging I want to give back. Thanks to my blogging and non-blogging friends who made it possible.

For my blog anniversary, items up for grabs are definitely something to make you smile. Items include something to wear, something to display and be proud of, some personal beauty products, something useful, and definitely something to make all my blogging friends and supporters happy and in a festive move. (Details about the prizes will be up later I have to round them up first, just for info someone very generous gave $100 for my dispatch for this anniversary!)

Bloggy Giveaway is OPEN TO EVERYONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Details here!

Thank Q for ABC Wednesday for giving me the Q (letter of the week) to post about my bloggy giveaway! Take some more Q here you will enjoy it like I always do.

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10 thoughts on “Q for Queuing and A Cue To A Bloggy Treat

  1. this is great post and I don’t like queue as I will be feeling sleepy. 🙁

  2. Great choice for Q. Congrats on your blog anniversary.

    Thank you from the ABC Wed. Team for sharing your Q photo’s with us this week.

  3. I like you’re choice of queue for Q, especially because it’s not a word we use much in American English. We use it in a computer context, but not in a “waiting in line” context.

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