Angels And Demons Special Screening

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Angels And Demons Special Screening

Thank you to Mykapalaran and to TV5 for the VIP Pass for the Special Screening of Angels and Demons on May 15, 2009 7PM at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2!  


I was praying to be one of those to watch it on its Premiere so thanks so much TV5 and Myk for this opportunity I really really loved the book! Thank you so much you are angels!

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4 thoughts on “Angels And Demons Special Screening

  1. uy pahingi din ng ticket LOL

    naku nakakatawa naman sa amin ung laban ni Pacman, kase nakinig kame sa radyo ng kotse, e sabi ko sige sama kame ikot ikot habang nakikinig (at para din hindi mag ingay asawa ko, kakahiya LOL) e kaso mo bago kame makasakay ng kotse na poopoo ung panganay namin, bago pa sya matapos mag poopoo natapos na laban hehe

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