I Need A Sandbox Tutor

I heard the buzz about Sandbox last Sunday morning when it was featured at a local paper and then later that day when Boy Abunda talked about it on his showbiz oriented show The Buzz at ABS-CBN .  As usual being the curious cat as I am I went and checked the site and was disappointed when it was not loading.

I have a couple of blogger friends who are already in and they said they experienced the same.   I guess the surge of users that immediately became interested to the site was not anticipated by its Filipino developers and so their system went down for awhile.  So I decided to postpone my registration for another day.

Today, I was able to open the site and have my own Sandbox.  Honestly, at first I thought it’s just one of those social networking site but lo and behold it’s nothing like that.  The services like friendster but with online store concept is a great idea.  Aside from getting updated with the latest going-ons with your friends you can post about items you would like to sell or find items you would like to buy at the Digisoria (a digital version of Divisoria).  Also, the services like facebook but with online store concept offers online content store where you can dowload games and music at P30 per song which is cheaper than iTunes.

SandboxMost of the blogger friends I know are already Sandbox users, I think they are among the beta testers when it was launched in April.  I heard Sanbox integrates your desktop with your mobile phone in your account creation page so you can do mobile blogging, photo and video streaming and enjoy your social networking via your mobile phones.

I have yet to familiarize myself with the site though.  The new features and everything about it is still foreign to me.  I would need a tutor to tell me stuff I don’t know yet.  But since it’s a social networking site developed by a Filipino, I will definitely support it.    It looks like there are more features to come and since its just new don’t get disappointed if you encounter some loops or system downtime.

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