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I just peeled the vinyl flooring we had a couple days ago.  I started at the receiving area then the kitchen and then the living room.  I did not do it in one day I don’t have that energy to do that.  I did that for three days doing one are a day.

Whenever I do house maintenance like this I wish we have a handyman around or a man in the house to help out carry the bulky furniture away so working will be a breeze.   We no longer have a man in the house after my dad left us almost a year ago to be with the one who created him.  My brother has his own family and home to maintain and my nephew has been very busy in school since he started college.  So I am left with me, myself and I to do all the handyman job at home.

I know that we will be moving out soon but while we are still living here for a couple months more I don’t want to stay in house that is left to rot.   I haven’t installed new flooring yet and I don’t intend to install new tiles either because we are planning to build an apartment complex here.  So installing new times would be a waste of time and money.

When I was browsing the net couple months looking for house decorating ideas.  I chance upon a family with painted floors.  Yup, they literally painted their floors using some special paint with rubber mixture in it and it looks great!  I wish the  Atlanta Painter could help me out in this one. So I don’t have to wish for man in the house (hahaha!) . I wanted to white wash the entire house including the floors!

Painting would be the easiest option in flooring.  I will just have to find that blog and get the details on what kind of paint they used.  I am very sure that they used a child safe paint since they painted the kids playroom where all their kids including a toddler hang-outs a lot.

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