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I’ve read from a couple of interior decorating magazines and websites that the colors you use in your house will also reflect on the outlook of its dwellers.  There is also a saying that believes in the power of color certain colors enhances certain type of emotions or mood of a person. Red would revitalize energy and will also make a person more aggressive that can invite huge fights. Orange is an appetizing color. That is why I believe why Jollibee use this colors.

Anyway I am planning to have a bright but soft colors in our new home. These are two of the Travertine marbled tiles I would like to use or something similar. The one on the left is something I’d like to use for our kitchen counter top while the white one is something I’d like to use in our home to make it look more spacious.


The orange is something I want in our new home to invite my family members appetite and be able to sit and dine for a while! The white one is a classy marble look.  The color is very light and since it’s lightly colored it will make the house look more spacious.  What do you think?

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