Lizanne Cua At The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday ’09

“Lizanne Cua’s signature aesthetics reflect a purist structural sensibility and playful neo-classic tailoring. Inspired by a strong philosophical outlook and spirituality, her collections express elegance, style, and soul.”

“Her label, Sabre by Lizanne, includes demi-couture menswear and womenswear, comprised of outfits which are mostly one-of-a-kind pieces. Sabre by Lizanne is for the confident and strong individual who is chic, sophisticated, and comfortable with oneself, and willing to push a few fashion boundaries.”

This is what she presented at the runway last Friday May 29 for the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday ’09 at the SMX Mall of Asia. her theme is Mystique: Dinner and a Murder.Lizanne Cua 1

Lizanne Cua 2 Lizanne Cua 3 Lizanne Cua 4

Lizanne Cua 5

Lizanne Cua Collection

Lizanne Cua

(P.S. Excuse the poor photo quality I was just using my point and shoot cam)


  1. Ahahaha. Parang supermodel ang blog mo. It’s a different look this time o. “,)

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