Submit A Condo Interior Design Bid, Anyone?

I will be very busy starting next month.  One is because it’s my father’s 1st year death anniversary and then after that I will be concentrating on getting the papers and the works done to our new home so we can finally move out.  I really really really want to move in the new condo soon if God allows.

The first few things aside from the moving in procedure I will be coordinating with the general contractor friend of my sister to do the fittings in the condo since we only bought a bare unit.  I was planning to do a design bid for the place but that would be after all the major installations are in place or would it be better if the design bid will be simultaneous as the fittings?  Honestly I don’t know how to go about this things.

I wish that the Miami General Contractor is nearby so I can get a good advice from them since they offer free estimates and can also do a free design bid for the condo.  They do baseboard installations, carpentry, design, doors installation, drawings etc.

Anyway, if anyone there is interested to help out maybe make a bid I would appreciate.  Here is the floor plan of the condo.

Condo Floor Plan
I would like to see lots of enclosed storage in the bedroom, maybe have a bed with storage underneath. The floor area is about 88 sq meters.  So anyone there interested to do the bid, you are welcome and if I like your design then let’s talk business, just don’t charge too high ok? Hehe.

Oh for the kitchen I already have an idea of what I like it to be.This is a design from Teknomobel.  Will have to call them later and see how much this is if it’s too expensive I’ll just ask the carpenters to copy the design.   So what’s left for the bid is the living room and the bedrooms.


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