How To Use An Article Directory To Your Advantage

When I went on a blogging leave last year I wished I had someone to update it for me or I can get a resource place for content that I can post on my blog like some guest bloggers or something.

I found out that this is one of the many uses of an article directory.  You can choose some articles related to the content of your blog and have it publish with the authors byline. There are a lot of website owners worldwide that rather buy content from an article directory.

This kind of article directory resources can work for frustrated writers and authors who are having problems getting their work published. Through this they will be able to have their work out in the masses and let them decide if they want to use it or not.  At least through this an author will be able to get credit for their work and have an online portfolio.

“An article directory is a great example of the internet working exactly as it was intended. The internet is meant to be an exchange of information and a worldwide marketplace. When content from one website benefits the author and the receiver without any money ever changing hands, then you have a perfect situation for both parties. This is just one of the many ways a business owner can get free advertising on the internet.”


  1. Start a company blog and add content to it regularly.

  2. Author

    @ Pehpot I think there are free article submitter I just wrote about it on my other blog ahahahaha 🙂

    Huwaw! who organized this event? Sounds kewlness?

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