Bloggers Halloween Costume Party (Cancelled)

UPDATE: (September 29, 2009) Due to unforeseen events, especially of  Typhoon Ondoy, the party is cancelled. Instead, the funds for the said party will be donated for the relief operations (DSWD and RED Cross) to help our countrymen who were badly affected by the calamity.

Thank you for your understanding.

Announcing the 1st Bloggers Halloween Costume Party! The Party To Die For! (Cancelled)

1st Bloggers Halloween Costume Party


October 30, 2009 Saturday 2PM Onwards


To be announced later or sent through the email provided for confidentiality.  No gatecrashing allowed!  But definitely it’s somewhere in Metro Manila.

What to expect:

A Party To Die For! See bloggers like you never seen them before! In their spookiest and most creative Halloween costume! There will be loads of fun games, food and prizes for bloggers and their kids!

Awards will be given for:
Best in costume (male, female and kids)
Best Halloween Desk (mechanics of this contest to follow)
Early Bird

For those interested please fill-up the form below.  It is recommended you sign-up early not later than September 20, 2009 so we can determine the expected number of guests , the venue and final date.

For those who have registered please wait for an e-mail before the end of the month.


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