How Do I Block A Certain Ad On My Site

I’m one of those who loathes Philipine political ads running on my site, especially of the candidate I never ever want to vote even in my dreams. Because of this I was forced to search for means to ban or block this particular ad running on my blog and this is what I found out.

This technique can only be done to Google Adsense ads.

  1. Log in your adsense account.
  2. Go to adsense set-up.
  3. Click on the competitive ad filter tab.
  4. Enter the display URL or destination URL of that ad. (Warning don’t click on your own ads as its a violation of the adsense policies.

Wait for a couple of hours for this to take effect.  That’s it and you’re done!

Happy blogging!


  1. awww, uo nga ee. tsktsk. grabe na ang strict ng adsense ngaun ee.

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