Gorgeous Q’s: What’s The Best Make Up Primer Or Facial Moisturizer?

I want to give way to another question sent by one of my readers asking about make up primers and facial moisturizers.

Sender’s name : Chix caunis

Hi goodmorning!

I Would like to ask sana kung anong magandang Make up primer or Face moisturizer?

I’m actually looking for one para before i’ll apply my makeup. I will have a make up base first. And para din the make up would last long. I’ve read about ur Maybelline’s BB cream and the tinted Myra e moisturizer. Kaya lang parang its a liquid foundation. If you can suggest a good and cheap one it’ll be a great help!

I love ur blog btw.
Thank you and more power!

Hi Chix and thank you for reading my blog please keep coming back .

Make up primers and moisturizers are somehow different in a way.  Here is why:

A make up primer was originally designed for smoothing fine lines on the face.  It helps prepare the face to become smoother so that the foundation and other make up will glide smoothly on the face.  It also helps the make up stay longer.  The smoothing effect is temporary but is enough to last the day.

Moisturizers on the other hand is intended to keep the face elasticity , maintain its softness, it helps keep the moisture on the face and helps prevent the early appearance of wrinkles or fine lines.   Oily skin doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need moisturizers as oil is not moisture.  However you should limit your use of moisturizer once a day as over moisturizing can also clog the pores that can cause breakouts.

Maybeline Clear Smooth Mineral Instant Skin Perfection Cream (B.B. Cream)

Myra Vitaglow Tinted Facial Moisturizer
Maybelline’s BB Cream and Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer do look like foundation but they’re not, they are actually good make up base and moisturizers.  The trick is not to apply too much on the face (super tiny dots on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and spread out evenly) so as not to make it feel heavy.

However, if you don’t like the tinted moisturizer and BB creams you there are so many inexpensive clear moisturizers available price ranging from Php150.00 and above.

When I was a little younger and wasn’t exposed with so many cosmetics around I use Myra E facial moisturizer, it is actually very good inexpensive and effective.

Celeteque, Ponds,  Olay and Cetaphil also have inexpensive moisturizers in their skin care line at Php200.oo and above.

I believe there isn’t a bad product in the market but there are products that doesn’t work well with your genetics so you just have to find one that will suit you best and stick to it when you found it.

At the moment my favorite “make up base” is the Anew Rejuvenate Flash I’ve been using it since I discovered it almost a year ago and now I’m at my 5th bottle! I am also including this on my Christmas and Birthday Wishlist 1 year supply of Anew Rejuvenate Flash! ( This reminds me I should be doing an individual review about the Flash and about the best night cream ).

There you go Chix, I hope my post helps you and please do tell if you find something that worked well with you.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Author

    @Tetcha the Anew Rejuvenate is a wee-bit expensive but worth it when it was first introduced it was around Php1,200+++ but for the month of October they have a promo so its Php720+ with a free small tube of the Anew Rejuvenate Facial Cleanser (which is real good too.

    @Bea its available at your nearest Avon lady or if you don’t have one you can try Amazon the best price I saw was $7.99 (about Php350.00) good price I think!

    Get na ladies its really really good! Ask Phoebe she’s a fan too!

  2. I’m intrigued by Anew Rejuvinate, too! Where is it available?

  3. I have tried Myra Vitaglow, and it seems okay. However, I’m intrigued by Anew Rejuvenate Flash. Is it expensive? How long does one bottle last? Is it available in leading supermarkets?

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