The Vanity Fair At SM Sky Dome

How vain are you?

We were asked this question during the Vanity Fair at SM Sky Dome last Friday but honestly and I don’t have a clue how vain I am that I just came out with a stoopid answer.

But honestly I can’t answer for myself  because I’m bias to myself, to me I do what I think I should to maintain my gorgeousness inside and out , if that means I am vain then OK I am (LOLZ!).

Anyway, the Vanity Oh! Vanity Fair was a place for “vainness” indeed.  Free make overs, free health consultations, free hair do, free skin analysis (so we can make our acne treatment review objectively) , free samples of healthy food and drinks and make up and modeling tutorials.

Activities at the Vanity Oh! Vanity Fair:
activities @ The Vanity Fair in SM Sky Dome

Me getting a hair make over:

free hair makeover at The Vanity Fair

Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Bloggers at the Fair as invited by Lizz of Project Vanity:
Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers @ The Vanity Fair

So, can you answer the question? How vain are you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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