WordPress Version 3.2.1 Sucks!

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WordPress Version 3.2.1 Sucks!

WordPress Version 3.2.1 got some glitch for some blogs where one could not insert links or add tags.  I was told by a good techy blogger friend that to solve this I should deactivate all my plugins and activate one by one to see which causes the problem.

I deactivated all plugins I have and just activated a couple that I needed.  You can read it below.

UPDATE: 12:40AM Deactivated all my plugins and now linking and tagging works.  Will activate plugins one by one to see which one causes the glitch.  Wish me luck!  Thanks for the un-sleepy nights!

1st plugin to activate Akismet because spam comments are pouring in right now! grrr! Akismet cleared.

Next to activate open links in new window.

Admin Protect, Top Commentator, Online Backup, Add This, Tweet, Google Plus, Facebook Etc.

So far so good. Weirdness:p


HELLO testing! What’s wrong with you WordPress your latest version sucks! I can’t insert links and I can’t add tags.  Lech!

Anyone know how I can revert to the previous WP version? That was way betterer!

P.S. I’ve been trying to insert links and post tags in this post but to no avail.  I’m so annoyed and frustrated!


Gosh ang wrinkles!


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2 thoughts on “WordPress Version 3.2.1 Sucks!

  1. Try going to the dashboard tab / updates and try reinstalling wordpress this usually works…i have 100+ blogs all updated with no glitches (Thank God) Hope this helps…Bo

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