SM MOA Eye and Amusement Park Birthday Date with Daughter

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SM MOA Eye and Amusement Park Birthday Date with Daughter

It was my daughter’s 10th birthday yesterday, and instead of holding a party for her I decided to bring her to SM Mall of Asia’s Eye, the Philippines biggest ferris wheel to date, that can be found at the SM M.O.A. AMUSEMENT park along seaside boulevard Pasay City.


The MOA eye was pleasing to the eye from afar. It’s so huge and spectacular. My daughter likes heights so I am definite she will love it.

The ride costs Php150.00 each and one gondola seats 4 person. So if you will go there as couples or a pair, you will have to pay Php600.00 to enjoy a gondola as a couple, but if you go there as friends and there’s just the two of you, you will need to negotiatiate with other riders who lacks two more person or settle with whoever the ride assistants will pair you with.

They said the ride takes about 10 minutes to complete the circle.
Well, I didn’t think that took us 10 minutes and I was disappointed that the windows were dirty I was not abke to take clear shots of the view.
If you plan to take shot for the scenery you will be disappointed of the dirty windows.

Its best to go there just as soon as the sun sets so you can get a nice shot if the changing colors of dim and light and the golden Manila Bay!


Riding the MOA Eye is something to do once but wouldn’t do it again, unless the phase of the ride speeds a little and instead of just one round nake it two! I also hope they clean the windows everyday!

But inspite of my criticism, my daughter tasha enjoyed the MOA Eye ride and all other rides at the MOA Amusement Park. I recommend you take your kids there each ride costs Php50.00. The WOW Balls is Php100.00 while the Zip Line is Php150.00. There are tons of restaurants and food choices along the bay area so there is something for everyobe to enjoy.
Truly, #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines !

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9 thoughts on “SM MOA Eye and Amusement Park Birthday Date with Daughter

  1. Somebody told me that the eye is open all year round na ata eh so gow! 🙂 enjoy

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