OOTD: Restricted

One of the many reasons a lot of my blogger friends will tell me for getting my own car soon is that having my own car will no longer constraint my choice for OOTDs. Nver mind losing patience while on the road side by side with rude and aggressive drivers. Never mind having to worry about getting stuck on the road alone in your car. What natters most is that you can go dress up the way you want, unrestricted. No other commuters to consider or worry about other abusive comnuters you may come across to while commuting.

I can wear this glittery sequined mini skirt:
Or this gliterry beaded striped shorts:
Or get bolder and daring with this ultra sexy sequined boxer shorts:
But well, that is all but a dream. I am stuck with my fashion commuting and wear something comfortable while on the road and rub elbows with other commuters or hitch a ride wearing a mirror ball.
Top: Maldita Skinny Jeans: Penshoppe Sequined skirt and shorts Forever 21

That’s the fashion restrictions of fashion commuting. But hey, its not what you wear but how you wear it right? I wore the outfit during the Kung Hei Parteh of Net Booster Asia held at The Bond in Makati attended by fashion, lifestyle, food, music and tech bloggers.

Good times with my sweet and beautiful fashion blogger babies and friends, Tracy, Lissa, and Vern
Some photos below are grabbed from Net Booster Asia

Team Cactus Heart a.k.a. Kung Hei Fashion a.k.a. Bloggers United won the trivia games!


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