Asprey Bloggers Night @ Scarlet Lounge

I have this other watch brand that I love so much because it comes in 7 different detachable straps (the 7 day watch gift set) in different colors and finish like patent leather, animal and leather.  When I got the invite to attend the Asprey Bloggers Night at Scarlet Lounge at The Fort  I got excited, finally my other watches will get a makeover they so badly need, most especially my white Fossil watch, whose white is already gray!

The event was dedicated for attendees to be able to switch to Asprey  fashionable watch straps that comes in an array of styles, finish and colors!   My favorite was the NATO strap which is what I got for myself since I didn’t have my watches with me. The NATO Strap is so cool that you can actually wear it as a bracelet !

Asprey Nato Straps
Other styles were the Patent and Aviator

Asprey Patent StrapsAsprey Aviator Straps
Textured Leather and Silicone

Asprey Textured Leather StrapsAsprey Silicone Straps
Look at the pretty Asprey straps everyone feasted on during the event!

Asprey Watch Straps
Asprey Watch Straps
Asprey Watch Straps
Aprey Watch Straps
Aprey Watch Straps
Price range from Php250.00 to Php1,250.00 each strap! Attendees were given two Asprey watch straps! While best dressed male and female got free watches along with 6 other attendees who were able to upload their fotos as fast as lightning on the Aprey World of Straps Facebook page during the event. Yay!

Paul, Me and Gelo
Ana and Vern
awarding best dressed
Asprey also introduced their latest brand ambassadors David Guison of DG Manila, Lissa Kahayon of, Victor Pring a college jock , Mix VJs Joyce and Mike Advincula and Kato Chua of Moonshine Garb.

The event was definitely fun as it was raining booze and food and fun people. Will grab more pics from other attendees that day and will update this post. My phones were all dead batt that time already as I was out all day doing some crazy video with BU3 peeps. (Will post about that crazy shoot later!)

Meanwhile, check out the Asprey stores and have your watch updated. I’m sure you can find one near you as they are located in 40 major shopping malls nationwide.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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