Skin Care 101 with NYC Dermatologist Dr.Eric Schweiger,Celeteque Dermoscience Ambassador

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Skin Care 101 with NYC Dermatologist Dr.Eric Schweiger,Celeteque Dermoscience Ambassador

 Celeteque Dermoscience, a 100% Philippine skin care brand, introduced their latest Dermo skin care ambassador, Dr. Eric Schweiger at a very interactive event at Crown Plaza Hotel in Ortigas last Wednesday (June 6, 2012).


For those who may ask, why did they get a foreign dermatologist as their brand ambassador when Celeteque is 100% Filipino brand?

Tina Sarmiento, Celeteque Dermoscience Product Manager said they wanted to partner with someone who has a long-standing professional experience in science-based skin care and Dr. Schweiger fits the bill perfectly. He one of the top dermatologist in New York where he owns the esteemed Schweiger Dermatology Center. Ms. Sarmiento also mentioned it took them awhile to get Dr. Schweiger as he was very careful about the products he will endorse. Also, there are not a lot of experienced in science-based skin care in the country so we have to outsource!


The event was very interactive because all the bloggers who attended the event got the chance to have their skin analyzed and ask their lingering question about skin care products and other concerns about skin care.   Among the topics that was discussed were

  1. sunblock usage,
  2. skin care routines, 
  3. acne and breakouts problems and solutions,
  4. number of skin care products you can use at a time
  5. anti-ageing products usage
  6. whitening and brightening products

In the middle of the program we were given a bag full of Celeteque products containing all of their six (six) skin care line — hyrdation, restorative, brightening, sun care, advanced anti-aging, and acne solution.  Everyone was so happy with their beauty loot!

Personally, I was excited about the restorative, anti-aging and acne solution line as they are my concern at the moment!  I was very eager to learn about my skin moisture level and my skin condition so I did not hesitate to try out their moisture level gadget and their skin analysis machine.  (You can log on to for you free online skin analysis to know which among the 6 Celeteque Dermoscience line you should use!)

This was my skin moisture level after putting on some hyradtion moisturizer: From 45 to 65 in an instant! Dehydrated skin is below 25 by the way
This was the skin analysis machine they used to know my skin condition


This is me trying out the machine. The machine takes 3 shots!
This is where the analysis report of my skin shows up including all the details about my wrinkles, pores and skin hydration level! Amazing right
I was told that my pores are larger than the normal, to address this I should use toner to minimize my pores (I am guilty about this because one thing I skip in my skin care regimen was toner! I was told I should never skip it because it closes up the pores after cleansing!)
I was also told that the amount of wrinkles I have around my eye are is normal for my age. But my skin is kinda dry so I need to moisturize a lot!
I learned so much at that event, I wish I can share them all in this post! I also enjoyed the event because of all the wonderful and gorgeous people with me at the event!

Manila bloggers with Dr. Eric Schweiger
As soon as I got home, I dug out my loot

celeteque dermoscience skincare products
Two products interest me the most!

The Acne Spot Remover  (for my stubborn breakouts)
Celeteque Dermoscience Acne Spot remover
and the Dermo Eye Tuck (for my dark circles around the eye and eye puffiness!)
Celeteque Dermiscience eye tuck
I was super excited about the products I got so I immediately tried some of them that night!

Celeteque Dermoscience products I first used last night
L-R: Celeteque Dermoscience Restorative Night Cream, Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Gentle Exfoliating Facial Wash, Celeteque Dermoscience Hyrdation Toner, Celeteque Dermoscience Restorative Serum, Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Eye Tuck, Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Dark Spot Corrector, Celeteque Dermoscience Acne Solution
I can’t wait to see the effect!

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4 thoughts on “Skin Care 101 with NYC Dermatologist Dr.Eric Schweiger,Celeteque Dermoscience Ambassador

  1. How did you find the brightenin eye tuck cream? I’ve been using it for 2 weeks already and i have been quite pleased with the results. It had done an enourmously good job on reducing puffiness around my general eye area, but not much on fine lines. I’ve been applying it on my laugh lines as well, but it’s too soon to tell if there’s difference already. I read somewhere that skin needs at least 6 weeks of product exposure before results are visible. Please let me know how this product worked for you. I hope you can make another review, perhaps a before and after? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Ohhhhhhh,I was envious of your Celeteque swag Ms.E!…I love Celeteque so much:)

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