Licensure/ Board Exam for Aspiring Makeup Hair Stylist Etc?

A few weeks back, I posted on my Facebook wall and I think even on my Twitter, asking people if I can call myself a professional makeup artist since I got several certificates for attending short courses on makeup.   I didn’t get a reply from makeup artist or people from makeup school or makeup artist practitioners I know who reads my feeds but I did get a reply from a blogger friend who is a graphic artist and a movie buff, he said might as well call my self an amateur makeup artist.    Makes me also wonder where do graphic artist gets their title as one?  Is there an organization or licensing group for such profession in the country and how do I get it in case I want to.  In my case I am exploring my option to get a legitimate title / license as makeup artist and not just because I got a few certificate courses and call myself one.

Anyway, to cut the long story short.   Yesterday, I had a casual meeting with the Tony Galvez, who is one of the most respected people in the Hair and Beauty Industry.  He owns Tony Galvez International School of Cosmetology, the only cosmetology school in the Philipines accredited and acknowledge in the international community giving his students the edge to get the license to practice hair, makeup, stylist and nail technician and living up to the title.

Mr. Tony Galvez and me at his building in Quezon City. I had a hair makeover at Tony Galvez salon
Mr. Galvez along with the Technological Vocational Schools Association of the Philippines- Quezon City advoctes the licensing of cosmetology courses in the country to raise the bar and quality of the practice and the technical and vocational (tech-voc) education in the Philippines in general.  They are proposing to make Tech-Voc education as a board course and for Occupational Licensing of those who practice in the industry.

In a letter submitted to President Noynoy Aquino, Galvez reiterated that :

  1. by making Technical and Vocational Education a board course, which will convert graduates to profession of dignity and public recognition.
  2. Morever, a license to validate and accredit the competencis of tech-voc course will make it comparable and acceptable to foreign market.  Graduates will get equal opportunity, job security, professional status and recognition in our society that a professionals of four year higher education programs enjoy.
  3. Government can look at these future professionals as revenue-generating individuals as they are potential tax-payers.

At the moment, the proposal is now being studied at the Professional Regulatory Commission after being read and endorsed by President Aquino last April 2o12.  Let’s hope that something good will come through.  Kudos to Mr. Galvez and TevSaPhil-QC!

Btw, in first world countries, like US and UK you would need a license to be called a makeup artist/ stylist.  It is only here in the Philippines that everyone claims they are even if they are not and there’s nobody to police these people to keep on giving false claims.

Makeup Course Outline
How about you, what do you think of this proposal?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. this is good. being a make-up artist is a good profession that requires not only the skill but the eye for what is classy, beautiful and what is perfect for each person

  2. Wow! This is very interesting!!! So if ever there will be licensure exams for this profession.. you will have also the title at the end or beginning of your name!!! That would be nice… [R.N./M.D/Engr./etc] wayyyy cool!!!

    So it’s like Krisanne Bunyi, MUA

    Hahaha! Nice!

  3. I think that if the proposal was approved, it would give a whole new meaning to the words Make Up Artist. 🙂

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