OOTD: The Lounge Fly

This weekend May 4-5, 2013, was extra special because F1 Hotel Manila invited us over to have an taste of their advanced Mother’s Day treat at their posh hotel. I was with my daughter, my mom and my sister and I’m happy to say they all enjoyed our staycation, especially my Mom as her advanced Mother’s Day gift and my daughter who is the reason I am included in such celebrations.

My family wakes very early in the morning because of my daughter. She wakes even before the sunrise. I don’t get to see the city sunrise that often, fortunately my room assignment at F1 Hotel Manila was at the 27th floor!

OOTD: Lounge Fly
Yes! 27th Floor! So i was high as most buildings in there and I can see the entire city from where I am. The sunrise looks fabulous btw!

OOTD: Lounge Fly
Since we woke super early we decided to go down the pool area and have the daughter swim (her favorite thing) even before breakfast. Actually we decided to have a breakfast by the pool area. Yes, they allow it there!

OOTD: Lounge Fly
I was in no mood to swim, so I decided to lounge around the pool area while watching my family have fun swimming. I was very much enjoying the view and my breakfast.

OOTD: Lounge Fly

OOTD: Lounge Fly

It was fun to see my daughter having fun in the pool!

family staycation at F1 Hotel Manila
and mom and sister enjoying an early morning swim! Night swimming is also nice there btw, because of the led pool light all over the place.

family staycation at F1 Hotel Manila
We like own the pool area at that time, so I took the opportunity to do my OOTD in there while the place is empty!

OOTD: Lounge Fly

OOTD: Lounge FlyOOTD: Lounge Fly
Yup I love the sun light!

I super love this elevated pool!

OOTD: Lounge Fly
OOTD: Louge Fly

What I wore:
Asymmetrical Salmon Top: ForMe Clothing
Shorts: Trifted
Sunnies: Fly Shades
Bracelts: L.A.M.E. Accessories
Flipflops: Havaianas
OOTD Shot taken at: F1 Hotel Manila
OOTD Shot taken by: my ate Olay Rullan
OOTD: Lounge FlyOOTD: LOunge Fly
My outfit peg:

OOTD: Lounge Fly
OOTD: Lounge Fly
I super love being on the 27th floor of F1 Hotel Manila, I feel like I was on top of the world! Haha! I will tell you more about my staycation here later!

How about you ladies, how was your weekend?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Spent my weekend swimming with good friend in a resort in Fairview. I am sure the 27th floor view is breathtaking. The pool area looks huge. 🙂

  2. what a cool name for a hotel! I bet the service is as fast as the name suggests =)

    great tan, Miss Earth. oh I miss staycation too – especially with that inviting swimming pool. I can’t wait for Ramadan for hotel prices to go down haha

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