Make Up Factory Tinted Eyebrow Gel Review

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Make Up Factory Tinted Eyebrow Gel Review

So, my obsession with my eyebrows is getting out of hand.  Did you know that I use more than 2 eyebrow makeup product just to draw my eyebrows (because I really don’t have much of it so to speak).  I already showed you the eyebrow powder with stencils  now I will show you the Make Up Factory Tinted Eyebrow Gel, in short a mascara for the eyebrows to create more texture and volume aside from just adding color.

Makeup factory Tinted Brow Gel review
Product Info
The Make Up Factory Tinted Eye Brow Gel gives eye brows the perfect finish for a natural appearance. The slight tint in the shades Dark Brown No.3 and Light Brown No.6 helps fill and conceal tiny gaps on your eyebrows cleverly . The special gel texture makes sure that brow hairs are fixed lastingly in place. With nourishing panthenol. Perfume free.

Product Shots

Makeup Factory Tinted Brow Gel review
I got the No.6 shade because I have my hair color a little light than usual.

Makeup Factory Tinted Brow Gel review
On my eyelashes

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder and Browcara review
A closer look

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Mascara review
What I think of it?

  • I love the eyebrow gel/eyebrow mascara as like I said earlier it helps give volume and texture to my sparse eyebrows and not just color it so it makes my eyebrows look more natural and not just drawn and colored.
  • I love that it doesn’t make the eyebrows course or hard in fact it makes the eyebrows soft just like natural hair.
  • It holds the eyebrow hair in place for hours.

Do I recommend the Make Up Factory Tinted Eyebrow Gel?
Yes. Anyone who has sparse eyebrows and loves to draw a perfect arch would love this eyebrow gel/ eyebrow mascara/ browcara. It is available in Make Up Factory stores for Php695.00 only!

How about you have you tried eyebrow mascara before?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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